Business For Growth

Our evolution to where we are today is a little different to where we planned

Business For Growth was set up as a social enterprise to launch the European Business Awards.

Because we believe that as European citizens, our prosperity, social and healthcare systems rely on a successful business community.

We’ve built an audience of 120,000 of Europe’s best performing businesses.

And a strong community of companies who share best practise, creating growth and opportunity.

120,000 Europe’s best performing businesses

Across 33 countries

Representing a combined turnover of €1.2TR

Every year companies do €Millions of business with each other, find suppliers, secure customers, staff and investment

Generating over €18M in media coverage cover by over 7,000 outlets annually

Connecting over 30,000 businesses with other like minded companies.

Alongside the Awards we’ve built a very successful business that helps B2B companies sell more. We help them plug the gaps in their sales and marketing functions. We call that business ‘Growth Services’

We started Growth Services when businesses asked us if we could get them in front of our valuable EBA community.

These businesses have great intentions BUT have real problems delivering sales and marketing plans.

They’d ask us to put them in front of relevant CEOs at our events.

They’d meet lots of people then struggle to make anything happen afterwards.

This wasn’t because they weren’t a good fit, it was more basic…a lack of effective follow up. Busy Execs don’t have the time to chase another busy Exec to get a follow up call.

So we started helping with follow up calls.

We discovered more gaps, which really derailed their sales efforts.

From poor quality data in their prospect funnels, to weak copywriting for sales emails, mediocre content and having no sales people to handle enquiries.

We on the other hand had researchers, copywriters, data analysts, email marketers, telemarketers, event organisers, PR and sales teams.

And we’ve got a deep understanding of Small and Medium sized businesses needs. We help our clients refine their approach and messaging and support them with the right people with specialist skills.

By plugging our people and skills into the sales and marketing gaps their results started to flow.

Business For Growth

We help companies plug sales gaps and turn opportunities into results.

Because, we’re obsessed with one thing… delivering growth.