Turnkey Outsourced Sales and Marketing

Traditional media organisations have for the last 20 years been in a constant state of flux as digital media and changing consumer habits have impacted their traditional business models. As a result these businesses have had to reshape their organisations regularly, becoming leaner, whilst also looking for new revenue streams that their platforms and brands can provide.

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Finding New Investors

A national government client had made a public commitment that their nation was a great place to do business. Their reputation for this claim would be substantiated by attracting foreign inward investment (foreign headquartered businesses setting up and investing in operations in their country). Strong advertising campaigns had created a lot of visibility and exposure, but this was not translating into sufficient volumes of new investment. There was a gap in their sales and marketing process.

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A Systematic fix of a Sales Funnel

This client enjoys a dominant position in its core market, they haven’t had to chase new business for years, business simply comes to them. Their commercial teams are highly skilled technically, when a proposal or request comes in, a response is given and the client either comes back to them or they don’t. No chasing and no negotiation.

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Using research to create compelling content to establish brand awareness

Our client wanted to embark on an initiative to showcase 1000 fantastic private businesses in Europe. The purpose of the project was to generate exposure for our client’s brand and solutions. As well as assisting with their government relations activities in Brussels. They sought to generate goodwill and engagement with the 1,000 businesses featured so that in time they could introduce them to growth solutions offered by our client.

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Targeting a New Client Segment

The client had built a successful business supplying commercial contractors with modular office partitioning systems. However, they were not winning major commercial fit out projects on high profile new headquarter buildings in London. This was an important next step in order to take market share to become a market leader.  

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