Client – A mid-sized UK manufacturer of commercial building partitioning

The Gap

The client had built a successful business supplying commercial contractors with modular office partitioning systems. However, they were not winning major commercial fit out projects on high profile new headquarter buildings in London. This was an important next step in order to take market share to become a market leader.

The MD and Sales Director initially asked us to help them create video content to help their sales team demonstrate the product better and more consistently. After interrogating the brief, it became apparent that their challenge to win theses contracts wasn’t about convincing the contractors. Instead, it was about convincing the architects who played a crucial role in the specification of the office fit out for large projects.

  • Their historical sales messaging was all about precision and ease of fit the factor that mattered most to contractors. Those are not the same drivers for an architect.
  • We started first by building a persona for a target architect. We spoke to a number of large architectural practices to understand who got involved in the specifications of the internal designs of new commercial buildings to find out what mattered to them, and how they undertook their research.
  • We worked out that design, look and feel was important, but so were other features, such as fire standards etc.
  • The client’s sales team consisted of 10 people and their marketing support involved 2 people mainly focussed on process and admin.

Our Solution

  • Build new video and photographic content to show the architectural flexibility and flair of the product. Create a short series of advice-led content to help architects make sense of the changing regulations regarding fire safety and what to look out for when specifying combinations of glass and openings.
  • Cleanse and build the database of architects in the client’s CRM. Identify the top 20 architectural firms working on major HQ commercial projects in London and construct contact lists of people in those organisations.
  • Work with their web designers on creating new landing pages with content focussed specifically for architects.
  • We developed a social media campaign targeted specifically at our audience to build visibility and awareness and used some of the architectural media to do so the same.
  • We ran individualised email campaigns targeting individual architectural practices referencing the projects they were working on. We asked if they would be interested in the advice sheets regarding fire safety specification or more detail on how the product can be used to create specific looks, moods and functional spaces.
  • The outreach was part of a sequence of emails and supported by an outbound call from our team.
  • One sales person from the team was allocated to work with these prospects based on his relevant experience and approach.
  • The client’s sales person was excellent, and once we had made the introductions for him, he took over nurturing the prospects by constantly looking to create value.
  • We continued to support the team by creating one new piece of useful content a month that the team could send to their architectural clients, this ranged from more advice to case studies of the product usage. This was followed up by a call from the sales person inviting the prospects for a tour around the site.


  • The total dataset of targets we built out to just 700 individuals of which we considered 250 to be core targets.
  • We managed to generate conversations and real engagement with just 28 prospects in the first 5 months.
  • It took 14 months to get the first win, but just 6 months for the next 2.
  • With contract values upwards of £200,000 each, the return on investment has been exceptional.
  • Now our client is firmly established as a core supplier to major HQ projects. More than 100 of our core 250 targets now have real engagement with the business.

The Gap We Plugged

We helped them plug the following gaps:

  • Target persona build and targeting strategy
  • Database cleanse and list building
  • Content development, videos devised, scripted, filmed and edited
  • Email marketing with sharp commercial copywriting to generate responses
  • Outbound email marketing with personalisation and sequencing of contact approach
  • Telephone follow up by our skilled and professional inside sales team
  • Tracking of results and help establishing KPI’s


Much of our work is centred on commercially sensitive projects and our clients are uncomfortable sharing their challenges and more importantly the fixes they have worked on with us. Because of this, we have anonymised all of the cases studies.