Client – A global financial services client

The Gap

Our client wanted to embark on an initiative to showcase 1000 fantastic private businesses in Europe. The purpose of the project was to generate exposure for our client’s brand and solutions. As well as assisting with their government relations activities in Brussels. They sought to generate goodwill and engagement with the 1,000 businesses featured so that in time they could introduce them to growth solutions offered by our client.

Even though the client is a large, data rich business with access to a myriad of data sources, the client realised that their gap would be in validating and sourcing a list of impressive private businesses across Europe. Data and financial reporting had many variations  depending on its country of origin, which impacted its quality and reliability. Alongside the financials,
the reputation and business practices of the companies featured needed
to be vetted.

Our Solution & The Gaps We Plugged

Initially we built a long list (first swathe of 2500 companies that showed potential) and then used our analysts and researchers to validate and score each company on their performance, story and reputation to arrive at a final list of 1,000 fantastic businesses.

  • The final report would be produced into a beautiful high quality book that would be distributed to the featured companies, media
    and governments of Europe.
  • To bring the book to life required features and articles on 50 of the companies on the list. They were selected to give a range of sizes, sectors, geographies and stories. Our team of journalists and researchers sourced, interviewed and wrote all 50 case studies.
  • Our data team also turned the data into compelling infographics and graphs to illustrate the immense impact these businesses were making across Europe.
  • The project culminated in creating an outreach campaign to invite all the companies featured to an exclusive reception at the European Parliament, managed entirely by our events team.


The quality of the data and the list of companies generated significant PR for the project and our client. For the team it also generated enthusiasm and traction within the business for the project.

Most importantly, it enabled the client to reach out to hundreds of the featured companies over time, who felt good about inclusion in the project, a number of these companies have converted into becoming a customer for our client.

The book also became a powerful introduction and ‘calling card’ for our client to engage prospects.



Much of our work is centred on commercially sensitive projects and our clients are uncomfortable sharing their challenges and more importantly the fixes they have worked on with us. Because of this, we have anonymised all of the cases studies.