It’s important to keep your team focused on what they do best, which is why we’re often asked to help engage audiences with the ‘messy’ bits of the sales and marketing mix. This includes a mix of:

Tactical PR & Marketing focusing purely on generating media coverage

Direct Sales – Phone, video and face to face

Sales Lead Qualification

Events Management

Appointment Setting

We’ll either transfer prospects into your internal sales processes or progress them on your behalf. It’s a really useful service if you’re looking to introduce new products or services but dont have the capacity in-house. Or simply exploring a new geography or business segment.


Turnkey Outsourced Sales and Marketing

Traditional media organisations have for the last 20 years been in a constant state of flux as digital media and changing consumer habits have impacted their traditional business models. As a result these businesses have had to reshape their organisations regularly, becoming leaner, whilst also looking for new revenue streams that their platforms and brands can provide.

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